The Chaos Chapter 43 (38, but really 43)

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Chaos began 17 Sp'gin. Journey began 26 Sp'gin.
Captured 19 Sp'mo'. Announcement 21 Sp'mo'. Thew arrives in Kirmin 29 Sp'mo'.
Orthodox Pilgrimage month Su'gin. World Fair month Su'mo'. Protestant Pilgrimage month Su'yet. Election Day 8 Su'yet.

Spies discover a bubble recording of Durell and Kizin, and discuss what to do with it. It's unclear who they can trust, but one of them mentions that if there's anyone in the world who they can be sure isn't on Durell's side, it's Cirna Mastera. So InterGang spy passes it on to T'Magus, to give to her. She'll then show it to Talak, when the time is right. Or possibly T'Magus holds off on giving it to Cirna until Amelia feels the time is right, which may be after Larami makes her move. Or maybe she doesn't even give it to Cirna, but the Chaos, feeling bad for the part she played in their trouble. Or she wants to make trouble for the cabal or Demos.

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