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The Chaos Chapter 39

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Larami could be the one that leaks Seth the information (possibly through Dragonpen?) that Amelia let them use bittrickle. (Malone knew about it because in 905, T'Magus had InterGang Sorreters in every village establish network. But Larami will have to learn about LandOrder using it some other way.) Porter may help with her plan to turn Seth against Amelia and vice versa.

Porter probably knew Amelia had agreed to let LandOrder have bittrickle, because he was in the BP (and what don't they know?) He may just say he heard a rumor, which Larami has Bradford look into. His investigation led him to Elliott Dragonpen, whom he had worked with at some point, and knew he wasn't fond of Seth or Durell. Dragonpen admitted he'd had some small hand in allowing Cameron to share bittrickle with LandOrder. Bradford asks him to leak the rumor to Seth, though obviously without letting him know Dragonpen himself had any part in that. Seth wants to use the information against Amelia immediately, but waits for an opportune moment... preferably a time when he and all the other dons could confront her in person.

The loss of Durell may be one more reason the Cabal needs to act, though Mr. Yellow may say "Those of you who suspected Mr. Purple was Durell were mistaken. Nevertheless, he was a valuable asset."

Demos will claim their actions prove they never truly abandoned their plans of rebellion, and that their allies are all criminals, and therefore anyone who sides with them- including Darkstrider and Poss- must also be guilty by association. This justifies the military starting a war against them (possibly defies Poss by trying to have Stavros and his platoon killed, but most of them escape). The Cabal had been hesitant, not because they still wanted to avoid war, but because they were worried about whether the troops would follow Middlebury and Portman's orders without question. This was a point which had always troubled the Twelve, and Demos had recently made it worse... but now, Demos's order to execute Stavros had forced Poss to declare war on Demos.... which was technically still illegal, and treasonous.