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The Chaos – Chapter 41

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Ginger says "Wait, do my spirit friends who've met you know you're a spirit?" "Of course." "And they didn't tell me?" "Well, I suppose a few may have known why I was waiting to tell you. The others probably just assumed you knew. I mean, you don't go around telling people their friends are human, so why would anyone go saying 'you know your friend's a spirit, right?'"

Jasp tells Cabbit he's thinking of quitting LandOrder over disagreement about vampyres, possibly joins Chaos permanently. Cabbit remains as new chief spy in Tonad. Jasp says "You always were preternaturally comfortable with scary things." "Huh?" "You really don't remember Jagshard, do you?"

Benj says that however much Darius might want chaos, that's not what he's really achieving; it's just another kind of order, a necessary step in the development of the Land's history, progress. (Darius says he knows that, and maybe ten or fifteen years from now, that'll actually bother him.) So I guess I should help you with your attempt to establish order. Both our fathers did things wrong back then, but perhaps we can get things right. Though you've absolutely no chance without me, you'd muddle things far worse than Adam or Xander ever did. Darius agrees, and knows he needs someone who thinks like Benj in his new government. “This doesn't mean I like you. I still think my father is more worthy than you, but even you're better than Demos. My father will come to realize that, but it will be too late.”