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The Chaos chapter 42

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Kizin's final thoughts before death in 910. He regretted certain aspects of the Plan, including maybe encouraging gangs to organize; mention that the gangs weren't supposed to survive past the end of the coming; and while most did break up, two of them did survive, as well as other independent gangs. Not part of the Plan. Also he's recently learned of the SST project, and plans to expose it. Possibly he was talking to Durell in recording, and gives books to him before Durell kills him. Durell hated Kizin because he insisted on law of separation of church and state, and was now planning on revealing what he'd uncovered to the authorities.

At some point Capp explains to Poss why he organized LandOrder. Didn't want something like what happened to their parents to happen again, so he believed it was in everyone's best interest- both gangsters and innocent citizens- to have more order and discipline within gangs.

At some point someone mentions the harsh winds of change, and Darius wonders why there are never just any gentle summer breeze of change.

Durell says, "You don't have to go with me. You can say you had no knowledge of my actions. You yourself have broken no laws." Virtiana says "But I love you. I can neither live without you nor denounce you. Besides... you remember that ludicrous idea you made up twelve years ago, to use on Talak? That Kizin or others might suggest Noson- the other one- was our child's father?" "Ye-es?" "Well, people will probably start really talking like that now, And I'll be damned if I'm going to sit here and listen to such nonsense."

Dalin may admit to Cirna and Talak and Mallory that he's in the Cabal, but he's sick of letting them run things their way. He intends to take over, and put the group under the control of the Order, though it make take some time. The first step he has in mind is taking control of Macen's network, though he may want to let Noson believe Noson is in charge.