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The Chaos chapter 43

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Cabalist says "Up until now, we've made good use of the bubble news services, as well as newspapers. And even when our enemies have used the same services, it has frequently been exactly what I was hoping they'd do. Still, it would probably be a good idea to look into getting the news under the Cabal's control." (This will later extend to sylph swarm.) Probably the head of the operation to take over news services is named Fawk (or Fawkes). "Fawk's News" isn't news at all, it's just heinous lies and deception. Baffles me how many people actually believe there's any truth in Fawk's News. (Fawk will finally be discredited by his rival, Gal Des'Salucin.)

Cabal decides that magic should be outlawed, considering all the trouble it's caused the Cabal. (It served its purpose in establishing the Second Order during the Coming.) But he knows that's not something that can happen for the foreseeable future, so he puts in motion a plan that will eventually lead to outlawing magic (in 1271, though he probably didn't know it would take that long). The plan may also involve making Noson the new head of the Cabal, without his knowing their true goal, of course.

Noson Turner takes over cabal after Phin is killed. (It may be hard figuring out who was involved, since Phin was the only one who knew everyone's identity, supposedly. But Dirk may help with that.) Also Noson decides the new Cabal will have no dealings with monarchs or any heads of state (triumvirs, prime ministers, whatever). Real secret societies should be the power behind the power, not the visible wielders of power themselves. That's just redundant. Maybe the new Cabal will focus more on members who are rich and influential in other ways, with important businesses. The most important of these will be Denari D'scendant, who may convince Xander to rejoin as a senior member, promising him far greater power after he gives up politics. Maybe also recruit Jared Localpride. (In the distant future this may backfire when a future cabalist gives an order to someone with political power, who's always followed orders before, but now changes his mind... and gives a conflicting order to one of his subordinates who knows nothing of the Cabal, and follows the elected leader's orders instead of the cabalist's orders. The Cabal may later rethink giving up their original strategy.)

Someone in Cabal should say they wish the Plan hadn't included public education. It's better for the rich to be able to claim they have vastly superior educations, which is one reason they're so much better than the poor. But they may at least make money by investing in universities.

Poss realizes he needs to warn any potential enemies of Demos, and work out a plan to counter any moves he might try to make.