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The Chaos chapter 45

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It may turn out that the Treasury started printing paper money with Demos' picture on it, and it becomes worthless.

First Asylum is founded by William Stream-of-Consciousness and Tobias Blue, who will prove less than entirely ethical in the future. It's possible the construction of the asylum was paid for by Demos with the paper money that later turned out to be worthless, much to the contractors' chagrin. Maybe see Agent Monogwrangle working with Tobias. He helped fund the Royal Asylum when he became a financier after Darkstrider fires him.

Tino and Ginger talk about being happy Alec met Moira, who Ginger has a feeling he'll start dating before long. Tino thinks she's right. She also hopes Emma and Cameron will both find someone, so everyone in the Band will be happy. And Jasp of course should be with Cabbit. Maybe Tiejo and Taryn. And even Darius might find someone. She had briefly thought he'd end up with Marian, but that thought soon proved unfounded. Still, what might have been. (She may mention her sixth sense, which Tino says is funny didn't help her guess he was a spirit. Mention the time she thought Cameron and Emma would make a good couple.) This leads Tino to explain that it's for the best nothing happened. She asks him to explain what he means by that. He sighs and says if he tells her, she'll wish he hadn't. Might even hate him a little. But she insists, and he tells her. Every world has the concept of soulmates, though of course people need to make their best guess, and they're not always right. And it's not like there's just one potential soulmate for most people, though there are different numbers for different people. Most people never even meet one true potential soulmate, which doesn't mean they can't be happy with the person they do end up with. At least, most can, but for some, a true soulmate is essential, nothing less will work out at all, in the long run. (and sometimes even being soulmates isn't enough, because true love is determined not only by the soul, but also the mind, the heart, and possibly the eyes. And if a person's mind won't let them accept what their soul and heart tell them they want...) The trouble is, some souls can be so nearly compatible that it's easy to mistake someone for a soulmate, at least for a while. Anyway, while people have to make an educated guess... spirits can read souls, recognize different levels of compatibility. And he can see that though Marian's soul is probably more compatible with Darius's than anyone he's ever met or likely ever will-- he has a low potential number- their souls aren't truly compatible. The relationship is foredoomed. They may make each other happy for awhile, but eventually one or both will realize it wasn't meant to be. Ginger wonders if Tino should tell them now, before they get any more attached, minimize the pain. Tino says if they've come far enough to falsely believe themselves soulmates, nothing is going to convince them otherwise, they have to figure it out for themselves. Even if they did separate, they couldn't help wondering if it was right. All we can do is let them be happy for however long it lasts. They'll get over it, in time. It'll be harder for Darius, but he'll get over it. Tino's not sure if Marian will even feel there's anything to get over, but if she does, it'll be easier for her. Hopefully she'll be the one to end it, because it would be even harder for Darius if he did it. He's bound to realize the truth eventually, even if she doesn't, and he'll lie to himself about it as long as he can, not wanting to hurt either of them. But eventually he'd have to end it, and feel guilty about hurting her. But it's more likely she'll be the one to realize it first. And he'd never blame her for breaking his heart, because he'd know she was right. The thing is, they're both good people and they do have a lot in common, but at this point in his life, no matter how hard he tries, he isn't psychologically capable of consistently making someone happy, his disorder will prevent that, and it will be impossible to be a tolerable boyfriend for too long. Maybe someday he'll be capable, whether it takes years or decades, or maybe he never will. Which sucks, because he does deserve to be loved, and if he found the right person, in spite of the flaws he can't overcome in himself, for the most part he would love more truly and deeply and purely than most people ever do. Ginger asks how God could allow such disorders. Tino says when He creates a new race, he does not create the potential for psychological disorders, but he allows the possibility for a race's psychology to evolve over many generations. Most evolutions are positive, but you cannot have good without bad, there has to be a balance, and so some bad evolutions take place. Ginger says the Fall couldn't help. Tino agrees, but says the Fall still doesn't directly introduce disorders, even if it probably does increase the potential, or speed up the evolution that leads to such things. She also wonders if he's saying no one with a psychological condition similar to Darius's could have any hope of being in a lasting relationship, but he says it's an individual thing. Everyone is affected differently by the condition, and while it's going to be harder for most such people, it won't be as hard for all of them as it is for Darius.

After a bit, Ginger says "Wait, if you can read the compatibility of souls, and you chose to be with me, does that mean... you know for certain that you and I are soulmates?" "Of course. That's how I knew it was safe to tell you about Darius and Marian... I didn't want to risk your being mad at me, and more importantly I didn't want to make you sad on their behalf, and uncomfortable around them... but I also knew that because we're soulmates, you'd surely forgive me in time. Even if you never stop wishing I hadn't told you. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I did warn you, and you're sensible enough to realize that means you can't really blame me, since you were the one who insisted, over my warnings." "True, but you're also right that that doesn't stop me from being upset with you, even if it is irrational. But does your soul-reading give you an idea of when I'll stop being mad?" "Not precisely. It's more a matter of personal psychology than a matter of the soul. But I dare say it should be within a month, if not sooner." "Yeah, well... when I do get over it, remind me to give you a great bit kiss, soulmate." (Tino also realizes that the undeniability of his being a potential soulmate with Ginger could be used as an argument in his debate with God.)

Cameron says "All too soon the business of getting a new country up and running will force us to go our separate ways. Before that happens, we should have one last little adventure together." "Got anything in mind?" (Possibly Star reads movie show times in paper.) "How bout breaking into a school and stealing one of those history books you and I were talking about, soon after our journey began?" "Eh, I spent my time in school. Worked as hard as I could get to out of there as quick as possible. On the other hand... the text books may have been updated since I left. And anyway, it might be more fun if reading it is breaking the rules instead of following them." (Perhaps it's at this point that John leaves. "I'm back in law enforcement now, so I can't condone breaking and entering. I'll overlook it, seeing as it's a government-run facility, and you're more or less the government in this village, now, but still... I can't take part. See ya round, guys.")

(Or maybe Darius asks if we've done anything illegal yet? Because we should. Check notes in Tink tin.)

Marian and Tom argue over who gets to pick lock on the school. She wins. Meanwhile Ginger explains about recording bubbles she gets from Sizinia that can convert Earth time to Landian time, and fast forwards to good part of song. Marian says "Got it," Ginger says "So do I." Marian pushes door open as Ginger pushes play. Music starts as the doors swing open, fade to black as they enter.

Play a recording of "Band on the Run," but fast forward to good part. (36 seconds per centhour; 2:36 min = 4:12 cent.) Maybe lead into it with dialog that is lyrics, at least have Tom say to Marian "I hope you're having fun." Book doesn't actually reveal the name of the song or lyrics, just fades to black before song starts (plays over end credits of eventual movie).