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Future Notes

The Chaos * The Order * The Balance * Those Meddling Kids

930- era of rapid expansion begins, race between countries to found new villages, claim new lands, especially on other continents. May discover other races created by ex-Sorreters. Also there are cowboys who fire magic bullets (mostly tiny fireballs) from guns called "heaters." (Maybe there's a cowboy named Genndy? Someone questions origins of word cowboy.) Cattle rancher/dairy farmer named Korova. Someone named Heath Seeker (think Cliff Secord from "Rocketeer") uses flying leather jacket he discovered (which was created by Cameron). Heaters are a spell device created by Keiko, who is now a Sorreter (possibly she was apprenticed to Cameron or Magda). The guns are considered not to be covered by the Limitation of Handheld technology, since they're technically magic, and also because they're necessary for protection from dinosaurs (though of course they'll be used against people, as well). Keiko will be recruited to Chaos Knights eventually, and she may recruit Heath. At some point another recruit may be Tyre (son of Tyrone and Audrey), who becomes Keiko's apprentice.

Birch beer becomes quite popular among cowboys on Asia-continent, something like sarsaparilla.

On Africa-like continent, cocokola nuts are discovered, a cross between coconuts and kola nuts (maybe a hint of hazelnut). Will be used to make soft drink, possibly a liqueur and a hot beverage. Spirit-talker asks a spirit to taste the nuts and let him know if they're similar to anything on another planet, so they'd already have a name. The spirit looks at it and tastes it and looks up at the sky. "I see what you did there." ST asks what he's talking about. Spirit says "Our maker, in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to create a hybrid of two Terran fruits, coconuts and kola nuts." "So? Is that supposed to mean something?" "It's a ridiculous pun. Yes," looking up at the sky and shouting, "He makes ridiculous puns!" "I don't get it." "He obviously wants these fruits to be called cocokola nuts." "I still don't get it." "Never mind, it's not important. What is important is that you're about to become very rich, selling these fruits. Primarily, I expect, to a soft drink manufacturer."

1000- sentient mythical creatures (mainly gang types) form alliance: vampyres, wotw, djinn. Also phoenix created? It's meant to live 500 years, then die and be reborn within a day, but the team gets it wrong (possibly intentionally). It may have the potential for immortality, as long as it's not mortally wounded... but the team wants 500 years to play a role, so they create it in such a way that if it ever dies, it will be reborn 500 years later, after slumbering deep within the earth. (The team that creates it may call themselves Phoenicians; led by a descendant of Tyre.)

c. 1050- it's learned that one of the creatures used by Xerxes to create ogres was an extremophile, so ogres (and possibly goblins or orcs) are the only sentient species that could survive in a world after the greenhouse effect has drastically altered the climate. This explains why they're so willing to thwart the efforts of environmentalists to get the public to start using cleaner energy sources. (After all, regardless of how much money they make, they'd have to be certifiably insane to keep polluting the world if they themselves, or their descendants, would ultimately suffer and die because of it.)

At some point someone says "Who do you think you are, the Mayor of Triscot or something?" (an expression like Queen of Sheba)

At some point The Chaos knights will have either an ally or enemy named Phil Delphi (a descendant of Phoebe and Lem, whose parents are named Regina and Eldin). He may famously translocate an entire ship (The Eldritch- think Eldridge/Philadelphia Experiment.) He may pretend to be ally of the Knights, possibly even join them, but then betrays them to BP, nearly causing the end of their existence. Possibly his actions lead to the banning of magic, though it may be that that serves the Chaos Knights as much as it does the BP. (Oh, and maybe he has a wife named Claire, and some kids... Sarah, Ariel, and Nolan?)

At some point there may be a war between First Nation and some other group, mythical creatures like goblins or maybe one of the races started by Bennet. FN wins the war, but the other side believes a people is only as strong as its leader, so they assume they were defeated because FN's king was undefeatable, and if the monarch is ever replaced, they would try attacking again. FN knows this, and so votes to make monarch a lifetime position, even though their king tries to block that change, knowing how bad it would have been if Demos had done that centuries earlier. But he accepts it because it knows his people will be safer without the threat of attack. Generations later, FN's citizens may have come to think of royalty as inherently superior and so devote themselves unquestioningly, a fact which could be abused by new monarch.

1271- (1000th annivesary of Sorret) magic will be outlawed in First Nation and possibly UVC, possibly because of offworld tech, or because science is stagnating since magic provides so much. King says, "It's not like we'll go back to the days of outhouses, like before the Order. Nor will it be some Dark Age with no books or anything. Things may feel a bit inconvenient for a while, but not that much should really change." Possibly Sorret will be sacked, most Sorreters killed or forced not to practice or teach magic. They may have chakra blocked (Deadzone's technique?) There may be some exceptions like t-mail or aquachairs, until such things can be replaced scientifically (if they haven't been already). Still, some will remain in secret for centuries to come, though the word Sorreter will never be used again, only sorcerer, regardless of race (or they may be descendants of the Phoenicians). Also at this time, the phoenix will be killed. Someone says "It's a shame it has to end, but it was a hell of millennium, wasn't it?"

At this point spirits may also stop talking to people, as predicted by Tino (who may return to announce spirits' departure from the Land, until some point in the distant future when advancement has reached a point that spirits' involvement with people has no affect on the continued, natural advancement of Landian science.) May reference the first absence from the Land, 52-100. Meanwhile, spirit-talkers eventually take name spirit guides, because they still provide spiritual guidance (though they also know the term meant something different on Earth). This may also be when the "Second O'Gas" is begun. Tino also tells Chaos Knights beforehand that the coming generation of Sorreters will be the last one, so the next Sorreter among their ranks must be the first one to be trained as such in secret. Possibly all the Knights must be kept secret, and make a show of disbanding, lest those who remember history suspect they have a Sorreter among them. Possibly they begin a Plan of their own, which takes some years to build up, so that when the ban of magic comes, it makes sense that the Knights help enforce the edict and then disband.

at some point faeries (good & bad of course) make deal with Banshees to create themselves/each other. time travel paradox? (this was caused by Emma's turn in Surreal.) Also at some point there may be vampyre faeries. First three faeries would be Lyra, who is a fire elemental, Belle, an earth elemental, and Aqua, a water elemental. All faeries are also air elementals or sylphids. At some point there may be a fairy named Vidio, who kills a radio star.

at some point, someone will say, "You know what I miss? The Sylph Swarm." (Imagine if my world went back to Revolution type state or something, how much I'd miss the internet.)

1300?- Rangers/Chaos Knights.
1366- Dark One, Dark Servant reborn. Dark Servant recalls his past from an early age, is born to a Black Prophet. Possibly Dalv and Servant are friends in school, Servant guides Dalv, reveals truth after graduation, or not until they turn 33. Assume leadership of Black Profits. Create trolls from orcs and men, teach them black magic (necromancy?) possible alliance with Illuminati/Djinn. Form golem army.
Some of the Black Profits abandon the gang when they discover the truth about their leaders etc. they form their own gang, the Goths, which may admit vampyres, etc.

1399- (1000 years after Prophet Movement)
Dark One figures out how to enchant the Oracle retroactively, to transmit message to the past. When Chaos Knights find their location and attack, BP have to hurriedly jot down whatever random things about history they think of, frantically (though they do get it in historical order; servant says to Dalv, "You were always good at History"). Flash notes in front of bubble, probably without time to precisely control which time in the past sees each note (just make sure it's before each event would have happened). The Prophets are surprised to realize how unprepared they were, since every previous generation of BP had assumed the final one would be almost all-knowing, with a grand master plan, since the information they'd shared with the past had seemingly led them to greatness. Unfortunately, they, unlike previous generations, have no foreknowledge of their own future...

The final message that appears in the Oracle is "The Chaos Knights are here," possibly mention date and time, which is not far in the future, which prompts Dalv to start writing messages, and that's the last thing he writes, when he hears them just outside the room, or gets a message from a sentry.

Chaos knights (including Fel Shilling (or Bigthink; knights may all be coincidentally descended from people who helped Chaos), based on Codex; Streetrat based on Zaboo, other Guildies; face a villain called Guy Crusher?) One of them is expert swordsman, uses COM against Dalv. One of them is always saying "And that, my friend, is how it's done." But in the end the one he's talking to uses the line after beating Dalv. Also says "Thank you, Durell, you just saved the world." (Dalv was using spell to instill all powers of mythical creatures into himself, but stopped by Sorreter blocking his chakra.)
Fel may talk about how she's a fan of Darius Lonewander, partly because he founded the Chaos Knights (his last act for the UVC before leaving), partly because he founded two countries, but mostly because by all accounts, he was far from great. In fact he was greatly troubled, by social anxiety and so forth. He was apparently a lot like her, and yet he achieved great things. That was an inspiration to her, allowed her to believe she could do great things, as well.

Eventually destroy the oracle, so that Dark Prophets could have no knowledge of the future beyond that point (bubble only capable of temporal scrying because it had time travelled, itself, so no other bubbles can be used).

When the oracle is destroyed, Dalv says to servant, "Even as you were doing that, did it not occur to you-"
"Yes, yes, I realized it was futile. But what else could I do? It... had already been done, so I had to do it. Which is how-"
"How we got here. My point exactly." He sighs, then adds, "God, I hate you. All of you."
Fel says, "So, any last words, O Dark One?"
Dalv replies, "Well that was a colossal waste of a millennium." Then she kills him.

1771- Djinn stage major uprising against humanity, and are stopped by the secret sorcerers (Phoenicians?), who are forced to reveal themselves to save the world. They are helped by the reborn Phoenix (which may be the only remaining mythical creature on the Land, aside from intelligent ones). Possibly name DJinn after voice actors from "Aladdin."

Far Future (modern times)-

Overpopulation becomes a problem; someone wishes the Land's Fall would've included slightly more painful childbirth? Though I hate to say that, sounds bad. Maybe a spirit or alien says "Wouldn't help anyway. Painful childbirth didn't stop Earth from being overpopulated. In any event... in the past population grown was necessary for founding new villages. Now maybe it's just about time for it to help us in colonizing other worlds."

Remnant of SST found in long-forgotten underground base, excavated by archaeologists. Industrialist who funded expedition reverse-engineers tech, starts manufacturing new tech. May even start MIB-type group.

At some point someone says "This is stupid. Is there really any point to having different countries anymore? They're all pretty much the same anyway, so why don't we all just get together?"

"Nellianism" refers to anti-Julianism particularly, and agnosticism in general.

(look up info on Cirque du Soleil) sometime between 1800 and 2100, Cirque secretly comes to the Land for a world tour. no one knows they're from offworld, nor do offworld authorities know they went there (contact is illegal). they are popular, but disappear. perhaps inspire a similar trouple on Land. Cirque returns centuries later, after the Land joins the Terran union.

There will be colonies on Mireille and the fourth planet in the system. The planet didn't require terraforming, because it already had the proper atmosphere to support life, liquid water, etc. Landian explorers discover new species of flora and fauna there. (There will be peas, which some spirit like Tino could find amusing, because the planet is basically the Land's version of Mars.)

2390- C-gang (Chaotics). Electronic jackets, lights in shape of eye on back, or message board. Surveillance built in to avoid sneak attacks.
Colors: Grey top three each city, whole gang; Green middle echelon, purple lowest echelon; special colors for holidays like orange for Samhain, etc.
There will be gangsters (possibly rivals, possibly allies) named Toccata and Fugue (a descendant of Jondo Fugue), who both end up in the same prison: Detention Complex Minor, aka D-Minor.
Cross between Chaos Knights and even more ancient gangs, sort of... biggest, best, most powerful and famous gang on the Land... devoted to writings of Dave, such as are known through Tino and Anteprophets.

Alliance won't contact the Land until it is under a single government, possibly called the Third Order. Whatever leads to the new government will be called the Second Coming.

2401- Meet Terrans etc. ELCs translators for aliens.
Land Port is major spaceport. Guinness becomes a major import. (Someone says "calling Guinness beer is like calling an orchestra a band.")

A Terran ship may get lost or damaged and needs to stop in a supposedly uninhabited system, where they discover the Land. This is a surprise, since prior to the founding of the interstellar alliance, one of the worlds that would later become a member had explored this solar system, and the planet simply hadn't been there. The system contained nothing of great interest, so no one ever went back there. (This was probably 1996.) At first the Terrans suspect the exploratory team had made a mistake, but it's discovered their map was irrefutably accurate. It may be the reason God chose this system to create the Land the next year, so there would be proof of the world's true age, which leads to the Terran studies comparing it to their own world. Also, it leads to the Alliance re-exploring other uninhabited systems which had previously been mapped and then ignored, to see if any other new worlds had appeared. Possibly Lucifer had founded the Pit in a previously explored system, not long after the Land was created (may have occupied his time for the first 100 years of the Land's existence, and his talk with Brist was done only after his work on the Pit was well under way). Later, Pittians (or Devlians) may have terraformed and settled other worlds in systems the Alliance was ignoring because they knew there was nothing there. But when Terrans discover the Land, their subsequent investigations lead to discovery of Devlian worlds.

One of the people to discover the Land is a descendant of Naga Hyperborea. Her family have long been space explorers, often secretly making contact with worlds that are off limits for first contact, but the family maintains journals that are passed down through the generations, so she knows this is a world her ancestor once visited. Possibly meet Tino, who saw Naga perform.

Terrans realize not only the Land but its entire solar system is identical to Earth's solar system in number of planets and moons, and their sizes, distances, periods of rotation and revolution, everything. Perhaps even same number of comets, though asteroids may be "close, but too numerous and in constant flux, to make any meaningful comparisons."

Landers insist they worship the same God but Terrans got some things wrong; Terrans argue it's a different God, though they don't even believe in God anymore. Also if they meet spirits in the presence of spirit-talkers, assume spirits must be aliens of unknown origin, powers, and agenda. The attempt to learn the "truth" about them could be an important plot point. Surprisingly, in the end it's determined the Terrans were right. Spirits are really just the first race created by God, and Lucifer and his followers were the first "Fallen" race; Hell is simply the greatest punishment for the greatest Fall. Someone from the Land may say those spirits who haven't fallen- angels as opposed to demons- are rather like elves, in a sense (and merfolk, etc.) Also learn that spirits enjoy visiting other worlds because they have no planet of their own. Heaven's great, but it's God's place, more than theirs, and they're jealous of the races that do have their own homeworlds. We should see flashback to start of Tino's debate with God, who tells him his ideas are similar to things Lucifer once said. Tino doesn't like that, and promises he'll never rebel. Says he'll drop the whole idea right away, never give it another thought, but God says it would be okay to think about it, discuss it occasionally. Appreciates Tino's loyalty. (Maybe this leads to the mellowing of his rivalry with Lucifer, possibly also the first absence of spirits on the Land, 52-100. When the debate is resolved, it ends the second absence.)

Carbon dating or some such thing proves the age of the Land to be consistent with the O'Gas and Landian history books. But other evidence proves that the Land is no more than a few thousand years younger than Earth, which makes no sense, because carbon dating proved the earth to be billions of years old. God explains that he didn't invent radioactive decay until long after he'd created the universe. He was inspired by alchemy, which sounded fascinating. But, he had to tie it in with some other changes he'd made to the universe (as mentioned in the Tino debate story). Though those changes might have come later than radioactive decay, it all happened before science was sufficiently advanced to truly prove certain things. Once science was on the right path, things started looking very different than they originally had. Anyway, God made the Earth seem older than it was, and made stars and galaxies further away than they should be based on modern scientific observation, if the universe was as young as it is... which is why every planet except the Land thinks it's so much older than it is. But the Land exists in such a way as to scientifically prove what God says without discrediting science in any way.

A Terran may tell a Landian that she's engaged, and the Landian asks, "In what?" "We're engaged to be married." "I don't know what that means." "Don't Landians get married?" "We do, but I can't imagine what 'engaged' means in relation to marriage." "It means we've promised to marry each other." "If you know you want to be married, why don't you just marry each other right then?" "Well, it takes a lot of time to make plans for the ceremony and reception and everything." "You've lost me again. What do ceremonies and receptions have to do with getting married?" "You know... you find a place for your friends and family to gather, decorate the place, plan the music and catering and everything, and the couple have to get the proper clothes, and you choose someone to perform the ceremony. Then the couple stands up in front of everyone, and make their vows, and exchange rings, and the person who's officiating pronounces the couple to be... married." "Oh my god, that's sick!" "What?" "You seriously get married in front of other people?" "Of course. Why?" "Shite, do you have sex in front of them, too?" "Ew, no! What kind of people do you think we are?" "By your own admission, you're comfortable performing the most intimate of acts in front of audience." "There's a big difference between promising to spend the rest of your life with someone, and having sex with them. The latter would be totally inappropriate to do in public, but the former is just sharing your happiness, letting people know how you feel." "Sorry, I don't see a lot of difference. I mean, why don't you just tell your partner how you feel about them, and then let people know you're married? You don't have to go into explicit emotional detail for their benefit. I think if you tell them you're married, they'll get the gist." But the vows themselves seem like something that should be private, between the two people getting married." "But if you don't have a wedding, how can you prove you're really married?" "Prove it? Why would anyone lie about that?"

Landers who move to Terran worlds are considered adults at 18, licenses not recognized. Terrans who move to Land not considered adults unless they are granted stamps. If they fail, consider it spiteful. Meanwhile, some pedophiles may move to Land hoping to have legal sex with minors who are considered adults on Land, but find it doesn't work that way....

Secret sorcerers may try to develop artificial intelligence, creating cyborgs in the process, just as ancient Sorreters used human intelligence in mythical creatures. Robotics may be provided by alliance with alien race.

At some point find that while Terrans have understood dark matter and such for centuries, Landian scientists also understand it, possibly even better, because they had learned of it long ago from Sorreters (even if magic is no longer practiced on the Land.)

Eventually learn that in spite of God seeming not to want religion on the Land, it did serve a purpose. The Land was apparently meant originally to be the one world without religion, but ended up with it anyway. By contrast, worlds that had religion originally eventually lost it; and the Land was the one that gave it back to them.

Fairies may be just about the only mythical creatures on the Land when aliens arrive. They may interact with an alien race which is just their size.

LY 5175: The sky goes dark, aside from any stars within 5588 light years, since all the stars had been moved in AD 1584. (These years may all be changed, but it probably centers on Giordano Bruno, and depends on when the universe was created, possibly 4004 BC, though that might just be Earth, which was at best the second planet in the Universe.) Whenever the observable light vanishes from the more distant stars and galaxies, that will be when the Devlians launch their war.

Lucifer may reveal that he knew it wasn't impossible for him to win, because even if God could resume His omniscience/omnipotence at any time, they would have atrophied with disuse. (God says the game would be no fun if victory was a foregone conclusion.)

Or may say that if one could eliminate the boundaries of the universe that are God wouldn't destroy the universe, but rather free it to expand beyond what He was. He was incapable of actual growth, and didn't want His own creation to become greater than Himself. Before He created the Universe, He had been his own prison, and that which He created became his release. But then He became creation's prison, and only with Him gone could everyone else truly be free.

Some people may wonder what the point of fighting a war is, if the universe is about to end, anyway. But the point is that the outcome of the last mortal war in history determine the nature of the afterlife for all eternity (or at least until the end of the next universe). God says, "Let there be dark."

End of over-series, God says "Well that was a wicked sweet way to spend an eternity. Now for a 10 eon break, then I think I'll start a new one..." Possibly reads Dave Road's "Template" story. Could be the reason he created the vampire loophole on Earth was so Landians would later create vampires, and Dave would become one, so he'd have time to rewrite his lost story.