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928 or so- Book 4: Those Meddling Kids

The Chaos * The Order * The Balance * The Future

Beverly's father conspires with Demos to get Cheryl and Darcy into power. They're mad, like their father, having been influenced by their grandfather. Attempted coup may be aided by LandOrder (now under new leadership). Possibly work with vampyres. Twins should have classmates named after Ruby babies (Kami, Lando, Owen, Liddell, Maddy, etc?) who could form a club, the Ruby alliance or something. (Maybe Emerald Alliance, they could meet at Emerald Honeytree, where Kam's mother used to work.) Non-nobles who have a hand in thwarting the girls' attempted coup.

Twins say their mother always chides them, "You should just be glad you've never known a world without indoor plumbing." And we're all, "ew, Mom, gross!"

"Dichen and Victor" may be in Triscot or First Village on costuming business (possibly as a cover for InterGang business) when the coup is happening, and Fiona will get involved with the meddling kids. This may lead to her later betraying her parents in Toobay, so they're arrested. Years later she becomes queen of First Nation.

At some point, one of the kids says "And we'll never be Royals."

At some point, Amelia and Alexia kill Royal twins, as retribution on their father's behalf for everything Demos did in the past. (or maybe they are contacted by Liddell, whose father Byron is now among the cathemeral vampyres.) Possibly the twins wanted to become vampyres, like their father (who was unwilling to turn them, at least yet; he thinks back to Rhys protecting his own daughter, and he wants to do the same). Thought Amelia and Alexia could help, not knowing of their father's hatred? But one of the twins might surprise her killer by sucking blood and becoming vampyre. Someday may avenge her sister's death.

May be an army of terra cotta vampyres? Dark One may have had idea, since golems are used against such beings, make bigger golems. Animate them long enough that they can agree to be possessed by demons. (Demos knows someone in the Dark Prophets, who he convinces to help him, possibly an exchange of favors.) The army is amassed in a cave within a mountain, which has train tracks going into it... possibly the mountain is masked by cylinder of invisibility, it was supposed to have been demolished, but person who worked for rail way was actually evil Sorreter working for Black Prophets. (I have a vision of pretending to blast away and kick stones and such, while Asteroids Galaxy Tour's "Golden Age" plays.) Good Sorreter discovers this, possibly takes a talisman from a defeated enemy which synchs him with the cylinder so he finds mountain. May replicate talisman for allies, who investigate but get trapped and nearly killed... then an invisible train runs into the army.

Flagship of Sorret's navy is the Flying Sorretian. (Captain Boris Ravenscroft.) Kids may get help from its crew. It could lead a squadron (or escadrille) of flying wagons or something. (Maybe Sorreters on flying leopcoats.) Sorret has an air force, Its head is a brigadier named Iris (named after her ancestor, who was a Grand Sorreter). Tino offers to help, someone says they thought spirits couldn't get involved. He says "No, but I can provide theme music." he gives him a bubble saying, "it's an offworld recording." "What's it called?" "Ride of the Valkyries." "Never heard of it." "Just play it, it'll be awesome!"

At some point Tiejo flies into battle on his dragon, jumps off just before it plows into enemy transport. TIejo tucks and rolls, draws dagger as he comes to his feet, slits enemy throat, takes his sword, whirls and kills another enemy. An ally may say "Nice to have you with us." Tiejo replies, "No time for talking, Tiejo is busy being bad-ass."

Plot may actually be discovered by a G-man (Shlomo), who is helped by kids for some reason (kind of thing that might happen in an anime, War in the Pocket maybe.)

Darius leads army from Near Port. He's quite popular and cool and confident. Someone comments on what a change it is for him, and he'll be like "I know, right?"

One of the girls says "We'll never be royals." But the kids end up finding a hidden Black Prophets treasure and becoming rich.

At some point, Sloane save's Darius's life. She goes to help him up, but he sees someone (probably the person she had just saved him from) about to throw a knife at her, so he whirls her around and gets the knife in the back, himself. He ends up paralyzed (confined to a hoverchair). Cameron thanks him for saving Sloane, expresses sorrow at what happened to him. But Darius says, "Please, if it wasn't for her, I'd be dead."