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First 50 Elves

The original 50 Elves were born in secret in 752, in Sorret Forest. The first fully intelligent non-human race to exist on the Land, they were created by an adept Sorreter named Roderick. In 773, the existence of the Elves was revealed to Grand Sorreter Cazzul, who was furious that his friend Roderick had kept such a huge secret from him for all these years. Arch-bishop Prax agreed that their existence was an abomination, but left it up to Cazzul and the Sorret Council how to deal with the problem. At Cazzul's request, the council banished Roderick and the Elves from Sorret and Sorret Forest, and strongly "suggested" that they not try to settle in any other human villages, though they had no official power to enforce this. So, Roderick hired a ship and sailed with the Elves from Shipsister to search for an undiscovered island. The island they found, they called "The Isle of Freedom," which in years to come would eventually be called "Freewood," in slang. There they founded the village of Woodstockade. In the years to come they'd do some exploring of the island and the waters surrounding it, but went no further than that, not returning to human territory until 903...

Adele (ef) 752-813

Aegis (em) 752-821

Alaistair (em) 752-830

Antonia (ef) 752-801

Beryllia (ef) 752-787

Caina (ef) 752-824

Caleb (em) 752-823

Carmen (ef) 752-790

Casey (ef) 752-799

Cavet (em) 752-822

Celeste (ef) 752-831

Chabert (ef) 752-815

Clarissa (ef) 752-799

Corbin (em) 752-817

Corinne (ef) 752-791

Crysta (ef) 752-827

Dosandé (em) 752-804

Eller (em) 752-832

Ethyl (ef) 752-820

Farrell (em) 752-822

Felicity (ef) 752-839

Felix (em) 752-809

Francisco (em) 752-815

Gareth (em) 752-809

Hillary (ef) 752-817

Horace (em) 752-838

Isis (ef) 752-826

Janus (ef) 752-813

Kensit (em) 752-812

Larroque (em) 752-811

Lia (ef) 752-777

Loranno (em) 752-781

Lossin (em) 752-800

Lyta (ef) 752-800

Marissa (ef) 752-819

Merrick (em) 752-832

Nadia (ef) 752-782

Portia (ef) 752-802

Roderick (hm) 727-792

Rosset (em) 752-800

Salucin (em) 752-840

Shauna (ef) 752-797

Sybil (ef) 752-812

Tambor (em) 752-814

Tamlyn (ef) 752-818

Taryn (ef) 752-811

Turlough (em) 752-815

Vaspar (em) 752-806

Xallem (em) 752-842

Yoshi (em) 752-833

Zinthia (ef) 752-796

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