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The Land's flora & fauna
italics indicate things that never existed on Earth

Here is some of the flora on the Land: cereals (wheat, oats, corn, etc.); coffee; crazynuts (kind of like Mexican jumping beans); grapes; ha'cit (similar to grapefruit); pineanas (outside is much like a pineapple, inside is like a banana); potatoes; purpleshade (shrublike trees found in deserts and steppes, has a mildly intoxicating effect); rainbowberries (raspberries, which come in red, orange, green, blue, and purple); sou'cit (sort of a lymon type fruit, i.e. lemon-lime); Sp'yetflowers (native to the area surrounding the village of Monab, they bloom for exactly one month); strawberries; sugar; swe'cit (somewhere between tangerines and mandarin oranges); tea; threenuts (basically peanuts, except they grow on trees and always come 3 to a shell) (etc.)

Non-intelligent fauna: bears; boars; catermanders (cross between caterpillars and salamanders); chupacabra; dogs; dragons; eagles; fish; flutterbies (which on Earth are called butterflies); furthings (somewhere between a Terran cat and whatever Fizzgig was, in the Dark Crystal); kelpies; kitsune; lions; lobsters; manticores; monogs (not sure what these are, perhaps something like really big boars, crossed with... I dunno, I need to make something up); orangetans (more or less the same thing as Terran orangutans, but their coloring is always specifically orange and tan); owls; penguins; pigs; qilin; rats; ravens; seals; striders (somewhere between a Terran horse and landstriders from the Dark Crystal); tanuki; walruses; wolves (etc.)

Intelligent fauna (some of these may not exist until the distant future): Banshees, Djinn, Elves, Faeries, goblins, golems, gryphon, harpies, Humans, I-dragons, kappa, Merfolk, ogres, orcs, unicorns, Vampyres, Will-o'-the-Wisps, (etc?)

Things the Land definitely does not and will not have: cats, centaurs, crows, cyclopses, fauns, horses, leprechauns, nymphs, rocs, sphinxes, tobacco (etc.)

I may add to these lists from time to time...

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