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Chaos Timeline

1- the Land created; Connor and Brigid created
27- Levitn born, First Village
52- Connor and Brigid die
66- Brist born, First Village
68- Falith born, First Village
100- Brist conceives religion, begins writing O'Gast
101- Brist and Falith marry
105- Brist organizes spirit-talkers
117- First Village named
135- Blynn (spirit-talker) makes first Irish cream on the Land
Perryh creates first toast, "To Blynn," founds ELC
221- Sol born, First Village
225- Tonad founded
246- Murray, Jess born, First Village
270- Murray conceives magic
271- Sorret founded
272- Sol becomes first Grand Sorreter
330- Gallen born, First Village
345- Talon born, Tonad
360- Ship founded
361- Kurok founded
363- Frinn founded
364- Toobay founded
367- Olek founded; Pritt founded; Talon moves to Pritt
370- Shipsister founded
372- Jump Village founded
380- Tanq founded
390- Talon invents printing press
399-404: Prophet movement.
404- First Order, Monab founded
436- The game of Surreal is banned across the Land
500- Plist founded
518- Mor born, Sorret
539- Mor conceives creation of mythical creatures
550- Dragons created
552- Manticores created
553- Kelpies created
564- Actor/writer Tooblan born
575- I-dragons created
576- Gryphons created
577- Harpies and unicorns created
579- Kappa created
580- Sorreters decide not to create new intelligent species, and to only create docile unintelligent species from now on
581- Kitsune created
c. 582- Ogres created in secret (speculation)
589- Qilin created (50th anniversary of mythical creatures on the Land)
595- Emil plans expedition to find mythical creatures; Sorreters reveal creatures' existence. Rule established for list of mythical creatures to be submitted to scientific community
596- Tanuki created
600- Ogres created (officially); Xerxes begins conquest
602- Chupacabra created; Xerxes defeated; Goblins created in secret (speculation)
617- Goblins created (officially); Xerxes begins second conquest, quickly defeated
666- Orcs created (Ogres' and goblins' DNA mixed)
722- Prax born, Monab
727- Roderick born, Sorret
728- Cazzul born, Sorret
752- Elves created
753- Nyza born, Sorret; Darren born, Monab
763- Ignico born, Monab
767- Cazzul becomes Grand Sorreter
768- Eric born, Sorret
770- Prax becomes Arch-bishop
771- Triscot founded
773- Elves banished; Woodstockade founded
791- Nyza becomes Grand Sorreter
799- Darren becomes Arch-bishop
807- Merfolk created
810- Ignico becomes Arch-bishop
811- Ignico bans creation of mythical creatures
815- Millith born, First Village
819- Coman born, Sorret
820- Brista born, First Village
831- Talak born, Monab; Putt born, Triscot
835- Kizin born, Monab
837- Millith and Brista move to Triscot
839- Coman becomes youngest Grand Sorreter in history; Cirna born, Sorret; Monn born, Triscot
840- Alyn I born, Triscot
841- Laina born, Triscot
843- Castor born, Woodstockade
844- Poss born, Triscot
845- Drag born, Sorret
850- Ristar founded; Dalin born, First Village
852- Durell born, Sorret
853- Therman born, Plist
854- Virtiana born, Sorret
859- Temporaneous founded; Demos born, First Village
860- First Ice discovered; Drag becomes Coman's apprentice; Tovan born, Ship
861- Adam born, Ship; Noson born, Sorret
862- Tom born, Tonad; Beverly born, Frinn
863- Laina and Putt marry; Alyn I and Monn marry
864- Alyn II & Brik born, Triscot
865- Durell becomes Coman's apprentice; Mallory born, Monab; Althis born, Ship
866- Ani born, Triscot; Toros born, Ship
867- Lua born, Triscot
868- Lance born, Triscot
870- Drag becomes a master-adept
871- Alec(star) born, Tanq; Isle born, Triscot; Brynne born, Toobay
872- Spivin born, Triscot; Kuris born, Kurok; Gaiya born, Jump Village
873- Athak born & Lucia born, Triscot; Stavros born, Tanq
875- Barat born, Triscot
876- Frank born, Plist;
878- Noson becomes Drag's apprentice; Cam(eron) born, Sorret; Durell becomes an adept, marries Virtiana
879- Kimrin founded; Vallus born, Kimrin; Carver born, First River Forest
880- Virtiana becomes an adept; West born, Triscot
881- Talak becomes Arch-bishop
882- Durell becomes a master-adept
883- Tiejo, George born, Plist; Noson abandons apprenticeship; Durell secretly creates shadeclone of Noson; Lorraine born, Sorret
884- Port founded
885- Second Ice discovered; Kizin becomes bishop of Monab; Adam moves to Triscot; Marie born, Plist
886- Ginger born, Plist
887- Dalin becomes bishop of First Village; Adam and Alyn II marry
890- Darius born, Triscot; the Plan conceived; Drag becomes Grand Sorreter
891- Brik and Lua marry
892- Nelly born, Triscot; Toros moves to Jump Village
893- Lucia moves to Kurok; Therman becomes bishop of Plist
894- Emma born, Woodstockade; Cara born, Triscot
895- Spivin and Athak marry
896- Joss born, Triscot; Lucia and Kuris marry
897- the Coming begins
Near Port founded; Near Port-Kimrin-Port alliance formed; Order begins work toward self-sufficiency in Monab; Doog born, Triscot; Toros and Gaiya marry, move to Triscot; Toros becomes bishop of Triscot; Thew born, Triscot
898- Talak asks for Sorreters' help in implementing the Plan; Durell begins gathering allies
899- Ships are sold to various port villages; street gangs expand their activities; police forces are expanded and integrated; the use of maturity licenses is begun; laws are passed, a court system with lawyers, judges, and juries is established
900- The first World Fair is held, First Village; Durell offers his help to the Order; Talak assigns Sorreters to other villages, mainly for communication purposes
901- Order achieves self-sufficiency in Monab; armies and navies raised in Northern Alliance; Vallus leaves Kimrin; West, Pryza move to Tanq; Durell contacts Elves; banks are suggested; Luni born, Kurok
902- banks, classes are established; government is suggested, campaigns are organized; Therman organizes Protestant movement in Plist, becomes its Arch-bishop; Lorraine moves to Triscot; Lia born, Triscot
903- Lucia and Kris move to Triscot; Vallus, Toros, Lorraine, others make plans in Triscot; Protestant Alliance of Plist, Triscot, Tanq, and Jump Village is formed, armies and navies are raised, Shanty established; Order takes Plist, Therman killed; Drag becomes Protestant Arch-bishop; Order takes Tanq and Jump Village; Elves join war on Order's side; Darius goes to Tanq; Protestant Sorreters vanish; Toros killed, Darius' clan wiped out, Vallus killed; Order takes Triscot; Kar born, Triscot
904- the Second Order is established
Durell becomes Grand Sorreter; government facilities, palace built in First Village; World Fair is held, Tonad; elections are held, Demos becomes first king; taxes are established; surname law passed; Darius begins wandering; school system is established; Order starts holding weekly religious services, We'gindays;
905- first census taken: 503,076 full-sentients; George Taverner inherits the Boar & Bear from his father; Tor born, Triscot
906- the Band forms, Plist
907- West Lonewander and Pryza Land marry; Brynne Studi moves to Triscot
908- Matz born, Triscot; World Fair is held, Sorret; Demos Royal is re-elected
909- Lance Lonewander and Brynne Studi marry, move to Shanty
910- Mallory Secundus becomes bishop of Monab; Emma Des'Lossin goes into self-exile, changes surname to Pseud
911- Emma Pseud joins the Band; Demos Royal and Beverly Gateman marry
912- the Chaos begins...
West and Pryza divorce. Darius Lonewander meets Tom, Tiejo Streetrat, and the Band; World Fair is held, Ship; Quinn Darkstrider is elected
913- South Port founded; Freeport founded; Cheryl and Darcy Royal born, First Village

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