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Historical Figures

Blynn (hm) 114-166, First Village

Falith (hf) 68-130, First Village

Gallen (hm) 330-380, First Village/Ship

Jess (hf) 246-307, First Village/Sorret

Levitn (hm) 27-106, First Village

Midd (hm) 807-872, Ship/Ristar

Murray (hm) 246-302, First Village/Sorret

Perryh (hm) 114-169, First Village

Talon (hm) 345-395, Tonad/Pritt

Tooblan (hm) 564-616, Toobay/wanderer

Xerxes (hm) 570-617 Sorret, Drop Lake Mountains

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