The History of the Land

See, not long after I first started writing The Chaos, I decided to write up some backstory, a bit of History of the Land, which would help me understand the world I'd created a bit better. Of course, I always intended to eventually write a prequel called The Order, and later a sequel called The Balance. So alot of this history I wrote will go into the prequel someday. But you fine folks have a chance, if you so desire, to get a bit of a sneak peak, insider knowledge of the history of the Land before it becomes a book, to help you understand the first book better... Aren't you just the luckiest things? Well, anyway, I hope you'll get something useful out of this stuff. I probably won't put up quite all the history I had written, but probably a fair amount...

Day One (Year 1)
Brist conceives religion (Year 100)
O'Gas created (Years 100-105)
Subwords & the ELC (Year 135)
Tonad and Sorret founded (Years 223-271)
Nine more villages founded (Years 357-380)
First Order established (Years 390-404)

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