357-380: Nine more villages

Not until the year 360 was another village founded. The fourth village was called Ship, as it was a shipbuilding port city on the northeast coast of First Land. It was in 357 that the village was conceived by a carpenter from First Village, named Gallen. He had heard of the west coast near Sorret, and believed it would be a good idea to explore First Land more thoroughly, at least its boundaries. And so in 358, he went with a group of villagers to find another coast.

They crossed First River, and then a vast stretch of land they named River Valley, after discovering a new river which they named New River. Past New River was a mountain range, which they stayed on the outer edges of. They followed the range until finally arriving at the coast, where they began building Ship.

It was completed in 360, and they immediately began building ships to explore First Land's coastline. Word went back to the other villages, and they started sending colonists to Ship. In 361, the village of Kurok was settled on First Isle. By 367, three more islands had been discovered, and four new villages founded. Expeditions continued sailing around the coast of First Land, but nothing of interest was discovered for several years. Ships sometimes stopped at Sorret, but went no farther until 370, when a new island was discovered. The village of Shipsister was founded on the northwest coast of First Land, and two years later Jump Village, on Jump Isle.

By this time, villages' populations were becoming rather thinly spread, and no new villages were settled for eight years. But not far past Jump Isle was Near Land, which was explored a bit over those eight years, and finally in 380, the village of Tanq was founded there.

The recent fad of village-founding was now over, and with one exception, another village would not be established for 120 years.

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