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On The Land, the planet from this series of books I'm writing, there are people called "spirit-talkers," because, obviously, they talk to spirits (aka demons and/or angels). Sometimes they write down bits of these conversations, and sometimes what they write down gets published as part of the O'GAS. This stands for "Of God And Spirits," although sometimes in popular slang it is called O'Gast, for "Of God and spirit-talkers." As people on the Land have been talking to spirits (if you include God and Lucifer) since day one of the Land's creation (912 years ago as of the start of my first novel in the series), there are a great many books (one for each contributing spirit-talker) and each book may have one chapter or dozens. Of course, much of what is spoken of between spirits and spirit-talkers is never published.

For now, I can present you with one chapter from one book.

from the Book of Julia

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