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In the five years that had passed since Brist first talked to Lucifer, he had talked to several more spirits, some of whom followed God, and some Lucifer. He began compiling a written document of anything of a spiritual nature which had transpired since the beginning of the world, starting with God's first conversation with Connor and Brigitte. The document contained any conversations anyone ever had with God and/or spirits. For the first fifty-two years, it was basically just God talking to the first two people, and a few of their descendants, and then Connor and Brigitte had died. After that, the world had been on its own until Lucifer appeared to Brist.

He had gone back to First Village, and started preaching his new ideas. He garnered a few followers, but not many. Later, various spirits began talking with others, and they joined Brist in 105. They accepted the name Brist had chosen for himself and others like him, spirit-talkers. They contributed to his book, which together they decided to name "Of God and Spirits," or the O'Gas, for short. (Some people who didn't pay much attention to such things called it the O'Gast, for "Of God and Spirit-talkers," and even if they later found out what it was really called, they continued using their version, as they liked it better. The word O'Gast soon became very popular, and was one of the Land's earliest official entries in the Slang Lexicon, which was in the back of every dictionary.)

When the spirit-talkers got together in 105, they mapped out plans for furthering the development of religion in mainstream society. Each 'talker chose a district of First Village to preach in, and the six of them held monthly meetings at Brist's house, to discuss how things were going in their districts. By the end of the year, more and more people were getting interested in religion, and eventually, a church was built in Brist's district. Other districts would get their own churches in the coming years...

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