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Chapter 1 (17 Sp'gin, Penul'day, Plist)
Darius meets Tom and Tiejo at the Boar & Bear, officially starts the Chaos.

Chapter 2 (18 Sp'gin, We'yetday, Plist)
The Band joins the Chaos. Make plans to rescue Tiejo's master in Near Port.

Chapter 3 (21 Sp'gin, Tuesday, Plist)
Chieftain talks to Palzo, and Listrin. (Chieftain takes interest in Chaos, therefore Manager takes interest. Mysshroudedtery has InterGang watch the Chaos.)

Chapter 4 (24 Sp'gin, We'yetday, Plist)
The Chaos members meet Black Radly.

Chapter 5 (26 Sp'gin, Wor'ginday, Plist-First River)
Chaos start their adventure. As they fly in conestoga, they talk to each other, and at one point to Zephrey.

Chapter 6 (26 Sp'gin, Wor'ginday, First River)
Chaos make camp for the night. Darius talks to Emma, alone, begin to become friends.

Chapter 7 (26 Sp'gin, Wor'ginday, Plist)
Drugfix supplies sample of Happiness to Chieftain, and to Capp Primus.

Chapter 8 (27 Sp'gin, Tuesday, First River-Tonad)
Ginger worries about Darius & Emma. Darius talks to Cameron, begins to become friends. Talk about history books, t-mail radio, the nature of friendship, etc.

Chapter 9 (27 Sp'gin, Tuesday, Tonad)
Bradford Milkman reports to Illuminatus that Chaos have arrived in Tonad, staying at Apple-Spruce Inn. Reflect on Manager mentioning Chaos to Mysshroudedtery. Band plays at inn. Bipolar starts fight. Chaos escape in LandOrder's wagon, with Jasp. Breakhead sends Woodrat with message for Chieftain. (Mysshroudedtery chastises Illuminatus, later.)

Chapter 10 (27 Sp'gin, Tuesday, Tonad, flight)
Jasp talks with Chaos as they fly in wagon (on autopilot). Cameron translocates to Apple-Spruce to collect things left behind. Talks to Levitn, and Clueseek. Money and dure had been stolen.

Chapter 11 (28 Sp'gin, Ha'day, Drop River Forest, Tonad)
Chaos take stock of situation. Levitn & Clueseek discuss case, with Masonjar. Suspect Cameron as possible Sorreter. Suspicious of LandOrder and InterGang's interest in Chaos. Anonymous tipster (Illuminatus' spy) contacts Levitn and Clueseek, per Mysshroudedtery's orders, implicating LandOrder-Chaos connection. Illuminatus reflects on previous night's talk with Mysshroudedtery (chastisement). Milkman begins looking for Mysshroudedtery's spies in Illuminatus' branch, (as well as those loyal to Illuminatus, who begins planning her own gang- ch 15). (Mysshroudedtery begins to take greater interest in Chaos, per ch. 19)

Chapter 12 (29 Sp'gin, Penul'day, Shipsister)
Jack Dockrat and Milo Longshore talk about Chaos; take an interest, but decide to stay out of the whole thing. Jasp contacts Breakhead, talks about the Chaos. Cabbit temporary chief spy in Tonad. Tiejo talks to George Dockrat. Tom talks to Darius about pocket watch. Chaos take ferry to Jump Village.

Chapter 13 (29-30 Sp'gin, Penul'day-We'yetday, ferry-Jump Village)
Jasp talks about his order name, Underground, story from his youth, involving Cabbit and an ogre, Jagshard. In Jump Village, Cameron explains some things about magic. Darius & Tiejo meet Marian & John.

Chapter 14 (30 Sp'gin, We'yetday, Jump Village)
Darius introduces Marian & John to Chaos. Have lunch at cafe. Mention things to change about world (scholars' ship). Get Happiness from Ian Goner. Tino shows up. Durell contacts Levitn and Clueseek. Interest in Cam/Cameron and Lorraine. Darius talks to Capp Primus (in don Holdup's office), admits he has no plan. Jasp becomes liaison.

Chapter 15 (30 Sp'gin, We'yetday, Tonad/Jump Village)
Milkman gives Illuminati first list of loyalists (no enforcers). Masonjar again discusses Cameron with Levitn & Clueseek. Durell talks to Noson about scrying on detectives. Later talks to Mallory Secundus, in Monab. Plan to contact government people to make trouble for Chaos. Look forward to wiping out Drag and ex-Sorreters. Secundus contacts Mufasa Gothic.

Chapter 16 (30 Sp'gin, We'yetday, Sorret/Jump Village)
Chaos party roam the village, having fun. Meet up at Meandering Gander, where they talk about what they did during the day (Tooblan in the Park; Cephalopods concert; Oni graphic novels). Later return to the Green Otter, where they find they've been robbed. In Jasp's room, they begin to make more solid plans for the Chaos. Darius wants everyone to help recruit people to the cause. Cameron might be able to talk to someone... Jasp would like to go to Woodstockade, investigate Silas Des'Caina's project.

Chapter 17 (1 Sp'mo', We'ginday, Jump Village)
Breakfast at Green Otter. Tiejo says InterGang spies are watching docks (Cameron scries and confirms this). Marian and John decide not to join Chaos, but wish them luck. Ginger and Tino go to church. Darius, Emma, and Cameron go to beach. Talk about Darius's self-doubt. Darius tries Happiness, figures out why others should follow him: he's the only one even trying to do anything.

Chapter 18 (1 Sp'mo, We'ginday, Jump Village)
Chaos fly to Tanq, InterGang attacks just outside the village. Coast guard stops attack. Wagon damaged.

Chapter 19 (2 Sp'mo, Wor'ginday, InterGang HQ)
Mysshroudedtery calls Hornpowder before her to explain the attack. Hornpowder suggets one of Chaos is a Sorreter. Despite no greater a mistake than Illuminatus made, Hornpowder is fired. Chaos members' accounts frozen, wanted for questioning.

Chapter 20 (2 Sp'mo, Wor'ginday, Tanq)
Simon Parker talks to Tom at bank, assets frozen. Darius takes wagon to Ampersand & Ampersand. Mechanics Joe & Relic, Sorreter Jake Strumming. Tino stays at garage, everyone else to see Dex Bigthink. Get a loan, but stopped by agent Callum Monogwrangle, who wants to take them in. Insults them all. Agent fires Dex, Dex decks him. Shows Chaos to underground tunnel. Cameron figures out Durell is pulling the strings behind InterVil. Darius takes Happiness to avoid depression. Emma worries that he agrees with what Monogwrangle said about him.

Chapter 21 (2 Sp'mo, Wor'ginday, Tanq/wagon)
Emerge from tunnels, get wagon, leave the village. Talk of Cameron revealing he's ex-Sorreter to Jasp, and earlier Darius, and how that led Band tot rust Darius. Monogwrangle talks to Mufasa. Chaos talk about various things like distance between villages, the O'Gas, etc. Darius and Ginger talk about Jaspar.

Chapter 22 (3 Sp'mo', Tuesday, wagon)
Tom makes coffee. Darius collects rainbowberries. Talks to everyone about plans, about the Coming, and starting a new country. Discuss Julianism. And Durell having spies in gangs.

Chapter 23 (4 Sp'mo', Ha'day, Triscot)
Meet Rune Paralellogram, eat at Dane's, go to Darius's estate, meet Sidney (retainer).

Chapter 24 (4 Sp'mo', Ha'day, Triscot)
Star talks to Sidney about events of the final battle of the Coming. Darius and the Chaos meet Darius's clan.

Chapter 25 (5 Sp'mo', Penul'day, Triscot)
Jasp takes Chaos wagon to LandOrder. Darius visits threenut grove with a few friends and relatives. Picnic, Kaiju Cards, talk, etc.

Chapter 26 (5 Sp'mo', Penul'day, Triscot)
Talk with Monn, Ani, etc. at supper. After supper, Darius gets back books that Joss borrowed 8 years ago. Then the Chaos party talk with Adam in his study. Mention Benj and Xander Illustri. Glamours. West. Reasons LandOrder wants to work with Chaos. Adam suggests going to Shanty.

Chapter 27 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Triscot)
Learn aliases Evan Wayfarer and Anne Veil. Meet don Amalgamator at Jasmine Dragon. She mentions bittrickle; Darius later asks Cameron about it. Also plan on secret t-mail network. Retrieve repaired wagon. Lunch at Dane's, meet Chris and Dave. Talk about doppelgangers, and about Dave's writing. Overhear Ash & Crockett. Mention Rob married to Darkstrider's daughter. Rune shows up, joins Darius on trip to Shanty.

Chapter 28 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Triscot)
Illuminatus and Milkman discuss progress of plan to start Illuminati. Recruit chief Sorreter Dustin Malone, and Lydia Hornpowder. Illustri family discuss politics over lunch, plan to attend Demos's rally that night. Dark Profits discuss Des'Caina and Demontalk, Illuminati and Chaos, as well as the Oracle.

Chapter 29 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Triscot)
Cabbit visits Jasp with RD, Jasp decides to go with RD to Woodstockade. Band have lunch. Star reads paper. Ginger and Tino go off alone for a date. Cameron goes off alone to contact Drag. Tom and Tiejo talk with Staniel Barista.

Chapter 30 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Shanty)
Darius, Alyn, Dave, and Rune meet up with Lance and Brynne. Later meet up with Cara, discuss plans with Captain Teach and Mr. Sharpblunt.

Chapter 31 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Shanty)
Teach introduces Darius and company to mermaids Nerissa, Rie, and Astrid. Teach tells everyone about history of mythical creatures, and how the intelligence classification system was established. Darius invites Cara back to Lonewander estate.

Chapter 32 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Shanty/Triscot)
Dave introduces Tom and Tiejo to Arnold Sullenhest. Tom, Dave, and Arnold fly to Triscot on carpet, which Tom buys. Tiejo talks with Talon and Perryh, who tell him a bit about Arnold. Darius, Alyn, Rune, Tiejo, and Cara return from Shanty. Darius reports on pirate recruitment, as well as mentioning Tiejo's secret plan, which he won't reveal yet. Alecstar mentions Demos rally, which he, Tom, and Jasp plan to attend, as does Adam. Others head back to Lonewander estate.

Chapter 33 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Triscot)
Lt. Gregory deCamp gets marshal Primus to go to common room to watch Demos's speech, though Primus wished he could have talked with Demos first. Hubert Goodnews makes announcement over PA system. Darius, Star, Tom, and Jasp make their way toward the park, listening to bits of Demos's speech along the way. Meet Lauren Whitecorn. Demos talks about election and various issues, as well as saying bubble-screens will be used for news, movies, and music. Tiejo meets the Vole and other street rats, who speak Shakespearean. Also there's a confrontation between street rats and nobles who hoped to acquire Happiness. Vole promises to talk to other 'rats about Tiejo's proposed fellowship, and assisting rebellion. Tom sees Philo Dabbler, but can't get his attention. Overhear Hubert complaining about Demos. Darius meets Benj for the first time in years.

Chapter 34 (6 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Triscot)
Macen gets call from Tulo, who was a spy among Vole's friends, reports about Tiejo. As the concert begins, Poss leaves the common room, to prepare his thoughts for calling Demos. Darius & co. get back to Evan's estate, where they meet Thew and Doog. After the bubblecast, Demos fields calls from Poss and others, before calling Feng, concerned about both Poss and Stavros, and what will happen if he loses the upcoming election. Everyone gets back to Adam's estate, where Jasp tells them he's leaving for Woodstockade soon. Alyn mentions Spivin will be holding a worship service for the clan, the next morning.

Chapter 35 (7 Sp'mo', We'ginday, Triscot)
Breakfast at Lonewander estate, then Spivin's worship service. Then dinner, at which Cameron explains bittrickle. Also talk about World Fair and fairball, and Laina's meatloaf. Macen recounts events of authorities investigating Chaos, starting with the brawl in Tonad, and all the way up to this point. Calls Monogwrangle to let him know Chaos are in Triscot, and sends copy of Tulo's recording of Tiejo. Darius, Star, Jasp, and Cameron go to cemetery. Then go to Jasmine Dragon, after learning Mordechai will allow Cameron to share bittrickle spell. Meet chief Sorreter Angus Lymon. Cameron spends the night.

Chapter 36 (8 Sp'mo', Wor'ginday, Triscot)
Poss talks with Demos about rumors of conspiracy, what may become of military, the Chaos. Darius goes to threenut grove, Ginger and Tino follow, help him over his depression. Adam and Kuris talk about Darius's chances of success. Jasp returns to Tonad. Cameron gives Adam and Chaos members bittrickle bubbles. Adam shares summer ale.

Chapter 37 (9 Sp'mo', Tuesday, Triscot)
Thew asks to join Chaos on their journey north. Cameron and Cara go to Shanty to give bubble to Captain Teach. Everyone else goes shopping, after saying goodbye to Lonewander clan. Chief Keith Arresting receives word that the Chaos have been spotted, then informs Agent Willow Bridgebuilder. Durell listens to both calls, then calls Zeke, who he assigns to watch the Chaos. He also says he'll get Feng Daily to arrange for Zeke to be officially assigned by InterVil to watch the Chaos between villages. Chaos go to Jasmine Dragon, see Amalgamator again, introduce Arnold Sullenhest, who will receive a bittrickle bubble. Cameron returns from Shanty, Tino leaves the group to make his own way to Near Port. Everyone else takes off.

Chapter 38 (10 Sp'mo', Ha'day, Tonad)
Merril and Jasp return to Tonad, from Woodstockade. Jasp tells Cabbit about the history between Merril and Silas, as well as about meeting Dirk Noir.

Chapter 39 (9-12 Sp'mo', Tuesday-We'yetday, Near Land)
The Chaos begin their flight north from Triscot. On Penul'day, they gather ingredients for black bear stew. Darius thinks about potato harvest, in his youth. Talk about Emma's dream. Meet a gryphon, learn that race is at war over how to spell the name of their species. We'yetday afternoon it rained, so they tried purpleshade, talked about their pasts. Darius shared chocolate and xocolatl. Cameron makes a secret call. Darius suggests a game of Surreal.

Chapter 40 (12 Sp'mo', We'yetday, Near Land)
Play Surreal. Then end up in the past, on Day One. Ginger meets God, then Thew does. They both learn interesting things about the past. Everyone else finds babies, then meet up in a clearing. Then they're transported back to the present. The rain has stopped, so they continue traveling.

Chapter 41 (12 Sp'mo' to 19 Sp'mo', Near Land)
Meet Taryn & Josh Hillrat. Celebrate Ginger's birthday, learn that bittrickle network is ready. Captured by Woodman.

Chapter 42 (19-21 Sp'mo', Near Port)
On the 20th, Woodman and Middlebury call meeting of the Cabal. On the 19th, Chaos had been brought to Near Port and locked in dungeon. Woodman begins interrogating Darius on 20th, after meeting, while Rene begins torturing Cameron. On the 21st, Feng sends text to Woodman, who makes announcement on the news about the Chaos's capture, and calls for new law giving military right to try rebels. Later, various people react to announcement.

Chapter 43 (late Sp'mo' to early Su'yet)
Thew meets Stavros in Kimrin Mts, agree to help each other. Rufus, Scott, and Hanna talk about Rufus's impending final voyage, ferrying pilgrims from Port to Ship. Mention World Fair. Also talk about the Chaos. Woodman continues interrogating Darius, while Cameron's torture also continues. In Su'gin, a discovery is made in Monab about Kizin's death, two years earlier.

Chapter 44 (26 Su'mo' to 3 Su'yet)
Lucrezia arrested. Gang war starts. Illuminati defect from InterGang. Stavros's people steal SST in Kimrin, rescue Chaos and Vallus in Near Port.

Chapter 45 (3 Su'yet)
Cameron and Tiejo translocate to Triscot. Tiejo meets with Talon and Perryh, then confronted by Macen and Zeke. Tiejo kills Macen, then Benj appears and kills Zeke. Tiejo gives Benj Zeke's pocket watch. Alec and Stavros make up. SST gets shot down, but Cameron returns and shoots down the enemy. Tino shows up and tells everyone he's a spirit. Darius decides to turn himself in to police in Triscot. Vallus goes with him, and they're joined by Stavros.

Chapter 46 (3 Su'yet, Triscot)
Darius, Vallus, and Stavros talk with Chief Arresting and Commissioner Gothic. Darius admits being guilty of talking about rebellion, but not actually of rebelling. Darius is held in jail, Vallus goes free. Noson translocates Benj to meet Manat, who tells him of Cabal and Black Prophets. Vallus rejoins allies, they go back to Lonewanders. Tiejo tells them Macen and Zeke are dead, so they consider coming out of hiding.

Chapter 47 (4-5 Su'yet, Triscot)
Ha'day: Vallus goes to police, joined by Darius in Arresting's office. Talk with Arresting, Gothic, Justicar, and Primus. They believe in the Cabal, but can't prove it. They want to take down Woodman, but need time. Release the Chaos on recognizance. Darius and Vallus return to estate, where Alec has also returned. They decide to go to the bank to see if their accounts have been unfrozen. Penul'day, Alec reads a paper, reads about themselves; learns of a talent show, as well as allegation that Darkstrider made false information about Nearwright. Sloane Mocha-Java learns of Chaos's release from paper, calls Tulo, learns Macen and Zeke are dead, calls Woodman.

Chapter 48 (6 Su'yet, Triscot)
Rene meets with Demos. Tom meets with Benj. Chaos go to talent show. Noson (in a glamour) appears and tries to abduct Cameron, but fails. Chaos make plans to meet with Hubert Goodnews the next day. Noson meets with Durell to say things went according to plan.

Chapter 49 (7 Su'yet)
Chaos deliver recorded announcement to Goodnews, who gets it to the news services, where it is broadcast around the world. Demos watches news, reflects on meeting with Rene, decides to order Poss to take Stavros and his platoon into custody.

Chapter 50 (8-12 Su'yet)
Poss follows the order, and Demos composes an announcement which runs in the papers the morning of the election. LandOrder provides recording of Demos and Deadzone's meeting to Chaos, who give it to Goodnews, and it airs that day. Tiejo turns himself in to police, confessing to killing Macen and Zeke. Demos explains "king for life" would be a good thing. Beverly leaves him. On the 12th, the election results are in: Darkstrider won, though it's still months til his inauguration. Chaos decide to go to First Village to confront Demos. On the 9th, Sloane goes to Triscot to meet with Xander and Benj, learns some things about Macen and Zeke from Noson.

Chapter 51 (15 Su'yet)
Chaos go to First Village. Giac Thesaurus gets them into the palace. They confront Demos, who is meeting with Poss. Durell reveals himself and plans to kill Poss as well as the Chaos, but is stopped by Mufasa Gothic and Cirna Mastera. Later the Chaos meet with Amelia Mysshroudedtery, who tells them InterGang is no longer interested in them. Ginger learns Seth Manager had revealed Protestants' location to Durell during the Coming, and is therefore responsible for her father's death, so she kills him. Tino takes her back to Plist. Chaos begin their flight back to Triscot.

Chapter 52 (15-18 Su'yet)
Primus calls meeting of top brass, while sending deCamp to enact Theda Bow's plan to rescue Supprus and his platoon, who are secreted onto the Java Junk V. Demos fires Primus. Ginger returns to Plist, talks with Bishop Christy Brushmaker. Chaos return to Triscot, catch up on some news, including that Justicar is working on a pardon for Tiejo. Poss and Capp Primus reconcile. Gillian and Dirk learn what happened to Rhys in 881. Gillian tries to kill Demos, but is killed herself by Deadzone. Dirk quits Cabal. Cabal makes plans for triggering the war.

Chapter 53 (19-23 Su'yet)
19- Virginia Regent asks Ginger to become leader of the Protestants in the impending war, though Ginger isn't comfortable with the idea. 21- Tiejo is released, but is nearly killed by an assassin's arrow. Demos makes announcement about Tiejo's execution, and the arrest of Thomas Justicar for treason. Ginger and Tino hear about Tiejo's death, return to Triscot. Ginger decides to accept Regent's request. 23- Montgomery Orthodox makes announcement, his regiment will side with Poss Primus.

Chapter 54 (3-5 Aut'gin)
3- Chaos meet with Poss to discuss war plans. 5- Alec, the Vole, Darius, Tom, and Emma board the Woodsorrow. Cameron translocates Ginger, Vallus, and Tiejo to Plist. Fleets depart Ristar and Woodstockade (25 Su'yet). Ristar fleet arrives at Ship, 8 Aut'gin; Woodstockade fleet changes course on 5 Aut'gin to intercept Admiral Teach's fleet.

Chapter 55 (8-21 Aut'gin)
8- Battle of West Ocean. 13- Grandview arrives in Triscot. 19- Phineas meets with Marlowe. 21- Alec and Orthodox's regiments arrive at First Village.

Chapter 56 (29 Aut'gin - 7 Aut'mo')
29- Day after Poss surrenders in Near Port, Demos translocates there to talk with Middlebury about situation in First Village. 30- Muttonchop and Hickorysmoke surrender to Alec and Orthodox. Darius gets depressed, but is interrupted by attack from Hiram Betterlife, which is ended by Muttonchop. 7- Benj discovers Zeke's recording, gives it to Lonewanders.

Chapter 57 (7 Aut'mo')
Battle of Port Sea. Darius and friends talk, and think about impending flight to Near Port, then learn that the war is over. Demos & Rene scry the battle, learn that Middlebury and Portman declared truce. Demos calls Phineas, and they threaten each other. Demos begins to tell his plan to Rene.

Chapter 58 (8-9 Aut'mo')
8- Demos announces change of mind about the Cabal, tentatively accepts that the war is over. 9- Demos meets with Mufasa, releases Justicar. Tells them Phineas is head of Cabal, then Phineas gives them evidence against Demos. Demos and Rene become vampyres, kill Phineas, and go into hiding.

Chapter 59 (10 Aut'mo')
Benj has been staying with Lonewanders, but wants to find a new place. Chaos return to Triscot, go to Emerald Honeytree for Kuris's birthday.

Chapter 60 (26 Aut'mo')
Chaos go to First Village, talk to Darkstrider. Later attend Darkstrider's inauguration.