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Tom Morales: his life & times

Tom has had many masters in his life, learned many trades and tricks. Mostly he's been an adventurer, but he's always used everything he learned from his various masters in the course of his adventures. I... haven't made them all up yet, but I decided to start keeping a record of those I have made up, and when he studied under each of them. I'll hopefully add more information here about Tom's masters and other aspects of his life, from time to time...

862- born in Tonad.

875- at age 13, learned pick-pocketing from a kid around his age, though he never exactly considered him (or her?) a "master." It was, however, the first skill Tom learned.

876- at age 14, learned mask-making and performing from Drexl (age 70), in Tonad.

882- at age 20, learned face-reading from Stemin (age 35), in Toobay.

884- at age 22, learned coffee-brewing from Staniel (age 27), in Tanq.

892- at age 30, learned minismithery and making pocket watches from Amestris (age 44), in Tanq. would remain friends and see him off and on for the next 6 years, until Amestris' death in 898 at the hands of Zeke Sanguine.

902- at age 40, retired from adventuring to spend his time living off interest-bearing investments and getting drunk, though he still wandered and occasionally tried plying his various trades, without a great deal of success.

908- at age 46, attended the third World Fair, in Sorret. There he met Gordon Lightprophet (age unknown), who taught him to predict the future, both near and distant. The art's efficacy proved to be less than completely reliable, but it seemed to work reasonably well more often than not (at least as far as near future predictions are concerned). One thing he Gordon taught him was that someday most of the sorts of things Tom knew about would be more or less common knowledge, and thus the world wouldn't have much use for people like him. Which is a lesson life had been teaching Tom already, the past few years, even if the prediction was supposed to be about the distant future. In any event, his time with Gordon was largely what prompted him to finally give up the ghost of his old lifestyle, and settle down somewhere for good, and not even try to work anymore. He'd done little enough of it lately, anyway. So he moved to Plist and bought a room at the Boar & Bear.

912- at age 50, met Darius Lonewander and joined the Chaos. Also learned to pilot flying devices such as carpets, recliners, and covered wagons, for the first time- the first new skill he'd studied since 908.

future- having lived in Triscot for some time, Tom finally assumed the surname "Morales," for reasons he'd rather not talk about.

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