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Before I begin listing vampyres, I should mention a bit of history. First of all, there are three races on the Land which are considered "intelligent," though there are a number of others that are classified as "semi-intelligent," whether it is truly fair or not to make such a distinction. The "intelligent" races include Man, which is the original race on the planet, created by God in the Land's year 1, day 1. Man is the basic genetic stock from which any other intelligent or semi-intelligent races were later created by Sorreters. A Sorreter named Mor first conceived of using magic to create what on other worlds would be considered mythical creatures, in the year 539. The first race to be recognized as fully intelligent were Elves, who were created in 752 by a Sorreter named Roderick. In 773, Roderick revealed his Elf Project to his fellow Sorreters, including his friend, Grand Sorreter Cazzul, who, to Roderick's surprise, banished him and the original 50 Elves. They moved to an island which they called "The Isle of Freedom," and founded the village of Woodstockade. Mankind would not hear more of Elves until 903, near the end of the Coming of the Order. Meanwhile, in 807, a Sorreter named Eric (with the tacit approval of Grand Sorreter Nyza and Arch-bishop Darren) began his own project to create Merfolk. Their first success came in 810, but also that year, Darren died, and was replaced as Arch-bishop by Ignico, who did not approve of the project. In 811, Ignico banned the creation of any kind of mythical creatures (not just intelligent ones). As far as anyone knew, this edict would stand forever... But of course, that needn't prevent others from secretly working on their own projects. And it certainly didn't apply to Elven sorcerers (who were, at the time, still uninvolved in human society). And in the year 888, a sorcerer named Silas Des'Caina had his first success with a project to create Vampyres, though he kept this fact hidden from his fellow Elves. In 901, Durell of Sorret secretly contacted Elf chief Castor, and convinced his people to join the Order in the war to establish a united world government. This was about 2 years after the First Order had begun secretly encouraging street gangs to organize, which led to the founding of major intervillage rival gangs, LandOrder and InterGang. After the Elves joined the war, both gangs started branches in Woodstockade, and Silas Des'Caina was one of the first to join InterGang, there. He continued to keep his Vampyre project secret, however, even from his new employers (who he mostly used to provide the funding he needed to further his project). His resentment grew as he was continually passed over for promotion to chief sorcerer within the Woodstockade branch of InterGang. But he did have a few trusted friends, Elf and human alike, who helped him over the years...

Blackshirt, Girarg (hm, 888-?)

Des'Merrick, Brahm (em, 889-?)

Foundling, Elinor (ef, 899-?, sired 913)

SD, Alexandria (Alexia) (ef, 890-?, sired 912)

Sinmore, Amelia (hf, 891-?, sired 912)